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GERMAGIC Air Disinfection Stick-On Filter 90D

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Utilizes GERMAGIC THYME (MAP-1) coating technology which was developed by a team led by Prof. Yeung King Lun of the HKUST-CIL Joint Laboratory of Innovative Environmental Health Technologies

Can achieve a sustained killing of bacteria and viruses in the air for 90 days, to eliminate “ 99.9% of coronaviruses, influenza virus and bacteria”.

• It also has excellent deodorizing properties and formaldehyde decomposition capabilities.
• It has passed multiple safety tests, including skin irritation test, acute inhalation toxicity test, oral toxicity test, etc.,

• Cut freely to fit to size, suitable for a variety of home and car air conditions, cleaners and purifiers.
• Size: 600mm (height) x 400mm (width)

GERMAGIC enhances air equipment for added antibacterial protection and disinfection.
GERMAGIC’s “smart antimicrobial coating technology” achieves the sustained release of “contact killing”, “release killing” and “anti-adhesion” to kill bacteria, viruses and molds.
• Contact killing: Bacteria are killed upon contact with GERMAGIC microcapsule coating
• Release killing: Slowly activates and exudes gaseous germicidal ingredients to kill bacteria
• Antibacterial adhesion: Prevents bacteria from accumulating and contaminating

√ 冠狀病毒 (SARs-CoV-2)
√ 流感病毒 (H1N1)
√ 腸道病毒 (EV71)
√ 麻疹病毒 (ATCC-1359(VR)
√ 禽流感 (H7N9)
√ 多種細菌 (金黃葡萄球菌、大腸桿菌 、結核桿菌及手足口疫)

Origin: Hong Kong

• Simply remove and clean the filter of the air conditioner or air purifier.
• Cut the Stick-On Filter according to the size of the filter, and use double-sided tape to stick the Stick-On Filter on the four corners and onto the side of the filter to fix it in place.
• With the Stick-On Filter secured onto the filter, place the filter back onto your air conditioner or air freshener and its air disinfection will instantly become effective.

Size: 1 piece

*Tested by International institutions and as per the international standard lab practice & methodology for antimicrobial tests

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