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About GERMAGIC Substantiation

GERMAGIC is a germicidal technology owned by Chiaphua Industries Limited. The essence of GERMAGIC technology is using encapsulation technology for controlled-release of active antimicrobials. GERMAGIC is applicable to multiple disciplines, such as air sanitation, water sanitation and waste management.

All GERMAGIC products have undergone vigorous testing and scientific research to ensure high efficiency and quality performance. Our third-party test sites cover China, UK and USA.

Substantiation - GERMAGIC Thyme

MSDS, Safety, Vaginal Mucosal and Sensitivity Tests

  • Vaginal Mucosal Irritation Test

  • Multiple Skin Sensitivity Test

  • Acute Eye Sensitivity Test

  • Acute Inhalation Toxicity Test

  • Acute Oral Toxicity

  • MSDS

Bactericidal, Virucidal and Preservative Efficacy Tests

  • ASTM Bactericidal Test

  • Virucidal Test

  • Preservative Efficacy Test 

  • Bacterial content test

  • Bactericidal test

  • Field disinfection test

  • Coronavirus Virucidal Test (US)

  • Heavy metal bacteria content test

Physical Properties, Heavy Metals and Corrosion Tests

  • ASTM Heavy metal test

  • Stability test

  • pH test

  • Heavy metal test

  • Appearance test

  • Metal erosion test

  • 90 Days Test

  • 180 Days Test

  • HKCC Eco Mark Certificate

  • GERMAGIC Thyme Odour Suppression

Substantiation - GERMAGIC

Virucidal and Bactericidal Tests

  • Virucidal Test Report On H1N1 and EV71

  • Virucidal Test Report On Influenza AB Viruses

  • Virucidal Test Report On Influenza Virus H7N9

  • Virucidal Test Report On MERS-CoV

  • ROHS Test Report

  • ISO 20743:2013 Bactericidal Test Report by Eurofins

  • MSDS

Substantiation - GERMAGIC G


  • MSDS

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