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Our Brand Story

Absolute Pure started as the pioneer to support local research commericalization and strategic business and marketing architect for the reseach applications.

Since 2014, we participated in the commercialization and business development of The Multilayer Anti-microbial Polymer technology (MAP-1) with the collaboration of GERMAGIC and HKUST. Besides all clinical trials and testing, we also commercialized the application of such a coating layer onto filter material for the air purifier to tackle air pollutant and allergy problems.

The development continues for such technology to be applied in the field of wastewater, odor, and mixing into different materials to realize built-in long-lasting antimicrobial functionality besides spray-on coating applications means.

The Team

We are a customer-centric team ready to take and assist all on your needs.


For Export and technological applications using GERMAGIC inquires,  please contact +852 6734 8744 or utilizing below contact information/message form.

 For Local operations, quotations, retail products and general inquires, please contact +852 2838 6916 or utilizing below contact information/message form..

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