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Absolute Pure

Absolute Pure is the Head of Operations of HKUST-CIL and Global Architect of GERMAGIC - our main goal is to build GERMAGIC in formulating Global Strategy and G coating initiatives.

Official team of HKUST-CIL

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HKUST-CIL Joint Laboratory of Innovative Environmental Health Technologies

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Absolute Pure - Background

Establish in 2014, with the vision of creating the purest environment targeting basic living elements in the area of air and water, Absolute Pure is established and positioned as the local pioneer to develop and transform Biochemical research advancement of Hong Kong to the US market, successfully being adopted and marketed in the field of air purification sanitization area by US big brands.

The creation of a pure, pollutant-free and virus/bacteria free filter under the new product line and catalyzing the cooperation between Absolute Pure, HKUST, and Chiaphua Industries Limited for the 1st  generation of GERMAGIC MAP-1 in air purification filter system of air purifier and the close partnership started since.

Our Motto: HK Technology, HK People, HK Heart

Mr. Hamilton Hung, Co-Founder of GERMAGIC Biochemcial Technology Limited talk about GERMAGIC and Absolute Pure Limtied in The 26th Innovative Entrepneur Awards Programme

Press and Media

港電台"防疫速遞" - 香港科技大學 AMGel 抗病毒水凝膠介紹

Petri Dishes

Absolute Pure Limited

14/F, Winfull Commercial Building,

172-176 Wing Lok Street,

Sheung Wan,

Hong Kong SAR

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